The Mur-der of Allen Redston

Allen Geoffrey Redston or Allen Redston, an Australian schoolboy, was kidn*pped and k*lled on September 28, 1966, after going missing the day before. His assailant was never apprehended, leaving his murder a notorious unsolved case in Canberra.


On September 27, 1966, Allen Redston was instructed by his mother to purchase ice cream for himself and his brother from a local shop in the Canberra suburb of Curtin. Instead, Redston dismissed his brother and opted to visit a friend’s house, intending to spend the day at the Curtin Tip. After a brief wait, Redston departed the area and was not seen again until his body was found the following day.

Redston’s remains were discovered by authorities among the reeds in a creek bed in Curtin. He had been bound, strangled, wrapped in carpet, and subsequently relocated to the site.


A manhunt ensued, swiftly yielding descriptions of two suspects: a blond-haired youth aged 13–15 and a young man. Both individuals were spotted with Redston earlier that day and were later seen leaving the tip where Redston is believed to have been murdered.

Additionally, two boys came forward to report incidents earlier that year involving two men matching the same descriptions, who had bound and attempted to murder them in a similar manner. The first boy was tied up and thrown into a lake, but he managed to free himself and swim to safety. The second boy was also bound but escaped with the assistance of his friends. Neither incident had been reported to the police until that point.

Despite extensive investigations, no one was ever charged with the crime. However, there were suspicions that Allen Redston might have been a victim of the serial k*ller Derek Percy. Percy claimed to have been vacationing in Canberra at the time but never confessed to the k*lling. He died in 2013.

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