Murder of Vanessa Guillén

Vanessa Guillén

The m*rder of Vanessa Guillén, a 20-year-old United States Army soldier, occurred inside an armory at Fort Hood, Texas, on April 22, 2020. She was bludgeoned to death by another soldier, Aaron David Robinson. Guillén had been missing for over two months when some of her dismembered remains were discovered buried along the Leon River … Read more

Ki-lling of Tim McLean

Timothy McLean

On July 30, 2008, Tim McLean, a 22-year-old Canadian man, was brutally attacked while traveling on a Greyhound Canada bus along the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately 30 km (19 mi) west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Tragically, he was st*bbed, beh*aded, and cann*balized. The perpetrator of this heinous act was Vince Li, a 40-year-old man. However, … Read more

Mur-der of Ken Mcelroy a devil met his end

ken mcelroy

Ken McElroy (June 1, 1934 – July 10, 1981) was an American criminal and convicted attempted m*rderer residing in Skidmore, Missouri. Infamously known as “the town bully,” McElroy’s unsolved k*lling garnered international attention. Throughout his life, he faced numerous accusations, including as*ault, child m0lestation, statutory r*pe, arson, animal cruelty, hog and cattle rustling, and burglary. … Read more

Mur-der of Suzanne Capper

Suzanne Capper

In December 1992, Suzanne Capper was tragically m*rdered in Greater Manchester, England. She was only sixteen years old. Suzanne d*ed on December 18, 1992, due to severe burns that caused multiple organ failure. Shockingly, these burns were intentionally inflicted on her four days prior when she was set on fire. Before her untimely d*ath, Suzanne … Read more

Chance Englebert disappearance

Chance Englebert

Chance Englebert was a 25-year-old man born on December 3, 1993, near Edgemont, South Dakota. He lived with his parents and two brothers on a ranch in a small place called Burdock. He loved sports and had a cowboy spirit. Chance participated in high school rodeo competitions, which earned him a scholarship for bull riding … Read more

Ellen Rae Greenberg a sta b victim

Ellen Rae Greenberg

Ellen Rae Greenberg, born on June 23, 1983, in New York City, was a 27-year-old American woman who tragically d*ed on January 26, 2011, after sustaining 20 stab wounds. At the time of her d*ath, she was a first-grade teacher at Juniata Park Academy in the Juniata neighborhood of Philadelphia. Ellen resided in the Manayunk … Read more

Thomas Gibson disappearance

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson / Thomas Dean Gibson, born on July 5, 1988, disappeared under mysterious circumstances from his home in Azalea, Oregon, on March 18, 1991. His father, Larry Gibson, who served as the deputy sheriff of Douglas County, went for a jog that morning after allegedly firing at a feral cat on the property, leaving … Read more

Disappearance of Jeremy Bright

Jeremy Bright

Jeremy Bright, an American teenager born on May 25, 1972, disappeared under mysterious circumstances on August 14, 1986, while attending the Coos County Fair in Myrtle Point, Oregon. Bright, who lived in Grants Pass at the time of his disappearance, had been visiting family in Myrtle Point. On the day of his disappearance, he attended … Read more

Unsolved Mystery: The Wayne Greavette Case

Wayne Greavette

Wayne Greavette was a 42-year man who worked in the beverage packing industry. At 17, he married Diane, and together they had two children, Justin and Danielle. Wayne lived with his family in Moffat, Ontario. He and Diane purchased a farm near Moffat with plans to start a spring water bottling business, utilizing an artesian … Read more

Disappearance of the Beaumont children

Beaumont children

The Beaumont Children, also known as Jane Nartare Beaumont (10 September 1956), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (11 November 1958), and Grant Ellis Beaumont (12 July 1961), were three Australian siblings who vanished from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia, on January 26, 1966, in what was likely an abd-uction and m*rder. They were nine, seven, and … Read more

The 1979 Cleveland Elementary School sh00ting

Brenda Ann Spencer

The Cleveland Elementary School sh00ting occurred on January 29, 1979, at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California, United States. The tragic incident resulted in the d*aths of the principal and a custodian, while eight children and police officer Robert Robb sustained injuries. The perpetrator, 16-year-old Brenda Spencer, lived across the street from the … Read more

The Mur-der of Allen Redston

Allen Redston

Allen Geoffrey Redston or Allen Redston, an Australian schoolboy, was kidn*pped and k*lled on September 28, 1966, after going missing the day before. His assailant was never apprehended, leaving his murder a notorious unsolved case in Canberra. Disappearance On September 27, 1966, Allen Redston was instructed by his mother to purchase ice cream for himself … Read more